My Blog is Back!

15 Aug 2013

I used to have a wordpress blog where I would mostly write about linux admin tips and ffmpeg commands for my own reference. I don't think anyone read it but it was nice to have a place to post stuff. A few years ago I started creating accounts at websites like twitter and facebook and decided I didn't need my self-hosted blog anymore.

I was never quite happy with those options though. Neither twitter or facebook are great places for looking up old posts, they’re best for staying in touch with what’s happening now.

At one point about a year ago I started an entertainment industry related blog called Look! No Plugins. Being an editor by day, I wanted to have a place to post tips and tricks of the trade. I had meant for this to be a group effort, figuring my colleagues in the editing community would want to pitch in and write guest posts, but that never really happened. I was happy with that site though and I got a few good posts up there, but eventually another side-project came along and I had to abandon it... or put it on hold, indefinitely ;)

I tried rolling my own solution by just storing all my notes in markdown files in dropbox, but that didn't last long. Using grep and less to search for and read stuff you wrote down last week isn’t as glamorous as you might expect.

So more recently I had been posting all my personal random noise in github gists. They’re easy enough to search so it gets the job done. Eventually I started writing all my posts in markdown just because the formatting is nicer.

Cut to about two months ago, I started my own software development company, and decided I needed a company blog. Yesterday I released version 1.1 of my first product so I’m at a place now where I feel I can spare some time to get the blog off the ground.

While I’m at it I’ve decided to create a blog where I can just post all my stuff whether it’s related to my company, my job, or my personal life. I’ll tag it all accordingly and ideally figure out a nice way to have the electric pond stuff cross post to a url like, but until then it’ll just all live here.

At some point I will consolidate all my old stuff and re-post it here as well.